Start of Eucalyptus Instance Recipes…


Good start to application recipes on Eucalyptus.

Originally posted on Greg DeKoenigsberg Speaks:

One of the projects I’m enjoying working on right now is the Eucalyptus Recipes project, which you can find on Github.  I actually hacked together some code, and even checked it in!  Needless to say, patches welcome.  And if “patches” means “complete replacement with better code,” that’s fine also.

The goal is to build a collection of recipes (small right now, but growing) that any Eucalyptus user can inject into the boot process of an instance at start time, using cloud-init or a similar mechanism.  Simple predefined Euca image + Euca recipe of your choice = fully configured software appliance.  Because all Eucalyptus users have access to a standardized set of pre-built images, we can be relatively sure that any recipe that builds atop a particular image will be guaranteed to build properly anywhere that image runs.

This is in contrast to an image-based approach, to which AWS users…

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