Enabling syslog and logrotate with the new Eucalyptus Console UI..sweet!


Great blog entry on enabling log management for the new Eucalyptus Console. Good work!

Originally posted on Semi-Empirical Shenanigans:

The latest release of Eucalyptus has introduced a new user user console. The user console is written in Python and is using the logging module that can easily be setup to work with rsyslog. It even uses it out the box! Unfortunately, the user console is sending a lot of verbose and useless information into /var/messages which I don’t like. /var/log/messages is the main log for my system so I’d like to make sure that I can find important messages easily. The Eucalyptus user console also uses the Python ConfigParser module so we are able to easily configure the console which includes the logger. Unfortunately for this feature as well, the logging configuration does not seem to take effect but we can fix this easily!

So, in this blog let’s first fix the logging so that it is configurable (I’ll put in a bug for this soon), write the verbose…

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