How to add second interface to Eucalyptus instances


Great blog on the power of using nc-hooks in Eucalyptus

Originally posted on teemuinclouds:

and play around with eucalyptus nc-hooks while we are at it ;)


Do you really really need and want to do custom modifications to your working environment … think twice!

Now that you have through and through thought out the maintenance burden and other facts lets do it :)

Use Case

User needs to add 100(s) or 1000(s) of IP addresses  to instance(s). Currently in Eucalyptus you can only add one elastic IP to an instance. in AWS VPC you can add up to 240 IP addresses to one big instance.

Modifying Stylesheet

What is stylesheet ? XML stylesheet is used to generate the XML file that is used to start up the virtual machine. In Eucalyptus it is located at  NodeController’s/etc/eucalyptus/libvirt.xsl. the input file is generated by NC.

You can manually test your modifications using xsltproc like this:

Copy the style sheet and use some existing instances data…

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