SSH Connection Upgrades coming in Ansible 1.5


Nice SSH Connection upgrade work done by Ansible for 1.5

Originally posted on The Ansible Blog:

Ansible features a very finely tuned and efficient SSH implementation that we’ve been working on (believe it or not), on and off, for almost two years.  It can work with passwords, keys, any user account, sudo with no password, sudo passwords (or not), and all sorts of other bits.   It parallelizes very well, many users using it to contact ginormous amounts of systems in a single pass.  It has optimizations to deal with SSH on legacy platforms.  It understands all the required prompts and can let you know when a password is wrong.  It works with host key checking on or off, and can still prompt you to add new hosts (or not) even while running in multiple forks.  All good stuff and things that take a long time to get right!

The current implementation works by transferring remote module files (code) to temp directories on remote systems, arguments…

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