Very interesting…Microsoft is supporting non-vendor lock-in for the cloud. Times are a changin’……


Windows Azure, Microsoft’s(s msft) huge platform-as-a-service undertaking, is getting a boost from smaller PaaSes that will make it easier for businesses to run hybrid clouds that utilize Azure back-end services.

This is no small thing. One hurdle to Azure adoption was the lack of an easy way to bridge internal corporate applications and Azure-based workloads.

Appfog which started out as a PHP-focused PaaS before adding support for Python, Ruby, and Node.js, now supports Azure. “If you’re a developer using Appfog now you can clone any of your applications to run on Azure backend infrastructure with one click. You don’t have to change any code,” said Appfog CEO Lucas Carlson in an interview Wednesday.

This is good news for customers worried about vendor (or cloud) lock-in, a topic that Carlson has taken on in the past.

“Microsoft is building a great platform around .NET but they know [Azure] needs to…

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