Contribute to Eucalyptus!

Come Contribute to Eucalyptus!

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The power of open source is incredible. Don’t believe me? Click here or here😉 Contribution is something that makes open source projects most powerful. It has been proven with Linux a long time ago. Also, giant companies have started to believe in open source. Open source is not just about making a product free to use, what I believe is, it’s about giving users the freedom to do whatever they want to do with a product, with the source code.

But sometimes, I feel, is it always that easy to contribute? Well, that’s certainly a question. Being an user, it often needs some guidance to get started with something. Why do I believe that? Well, you will know, if you are in such a place, where you are the only person doing something alone😉

Eucalyptus comes with such a license, that allows its users to modify the…

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Contribute to Eucalyptus!

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