Great Opensource Cloud Management Tool Using SSH – Simple, Powerful and Elegant

Configuration management through SSH FTW!


A couple of former Red Hat (s rhat) veterans think there’s an easier way to configure, deploy and manage IT across an organization and founded AnsibleWorks to attack that problem.

Systems administrators and developers want one tool for deployment, configuration and management — they don’t want to deal with agents and add-ons, said Said Siouani, CEO of Santa Barbara, Calif.-based AnsibleWorks.

No doubt Ansible’s orchestration engine will face off against popular configuration tools like Opscode Chef and Puppet Labs’ Puppet (see disclosure). Siouani characterized Ansible as a more “holistic” solution than what is on the market now in that it focuses on configuration management and actual deployment.

Ansible itself is an open-source project kicked off a year ago by Michael DeHaan, one of the Red Hat vets who also spent time at Puppet Labs (see disclosure) and was also the force behind Cobbler, a popular Linux server installation tool.


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Great Opensource Cloud Management Tool Using SSH – Simple, Powerful and Elegant

Scalr Cloud Management with Eucalyptus – Simple and Powerful

Scalr on Eucalyptus? Yep, it works…works damn well too!

Testing Clouds at 128bpm




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I have been using Eucalyptus heavily (as a quality engineer it is my day to day) for the past 1.5 years. I know the ins and the outs of system and am constantly tracking new features and bug fixes that arrive. With this knowledge it makes me a prime candidate to find out how other pieces of the cloud story can integrate with Eucalyptus.

I run a small cloud at home that I use for development and testing of different software stacks. Some of the tools that I’ve learned to use and hack on since Ive turned up my cloud include Graphite, Gitorious, Jenkins, Testlink, Zenoss. The issue with getting most of these (and any) open-source tools running is that they often require a very particular  base OS and dependency versions in order to install cleanly. This makes Eucalyptus a great tool for…

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Scalr Cloud Management with Eucalyptus – Simple and Powerful

Nilgiri: making cloud management a breeze..

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I am working on this Nilgiri project lately aiming to provide a flexible environment of managing private cloud or hybrid cloud to the end users as well as for the sysadmins to make managing cloud simpler than ever. So, someone doesn’t need a tech-expert just to run an instance or to take a snapshot for later use or may be an user want to change his server’s security group at this very moment and he doesn’t have to wait for the system admin to response.

My aim is to make a full featured web console for Eucalyptus cloud ecosystem and as Eucalyptus follows the AWS standard so eventually it will work on AWS too. Why choose Eucalyptus as a platform? Well, currently Amazon is the most widely used cloud service provider in the world and also AWS has become the De-facto standard for cloud APIs. Though Openstack was following the…

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