Eucalyptus Recipe of the Month Challenge

Its time!

Eucalyptus Hoodie, Shirt, Coffee Mug, Frisbee, and Stickers
Eucalyptus Swag

We are issuing a challenge to the Open Source community.  The challenge is called the “Recipe of the Month Challenge”.

The Rules:

  • Documentation on what application(s) the recipe deploys and how to use it. This also includes what is the purpose of the application(s). (Documentation should be easy to follow and straight-forward.  This will help with the judging and testing of the recipe)
  • Any scripting language/configuration management software can be used. Some examples are as follows:
  • Mention the Image (EMI) used by recipe.  (for example: UEC image, Turnkey image or EMI from

The following categories will be used for judging [scale from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest):

  • Complexity (the more simple and elegant, the better)
  • Deployment speed/efficiency
  • Failure resiliency (how quickly can the solution return to a healthy operational state after an outage)
  • Creativity

Available swag awards:

  • Eucalyptus Hoodie (color available – dark grey)
  • Eucalyptus Electric Cloud Shirt (colors available – black or white)
  • Eucalyptus Contributor’s Coffee Mug
  • Various Eucalyptus stickers

The winning recipe will be made available on the Eucalyptus Recipes Github repository.  Submissions will be accepted at the beginning of each month.  All submissions must be made to the Recipes mailing list.  The last day allowed for submissions will be the 25th of the month (this allows us time to test out each recipe and grade accordingly).  Feel free to use the Eucalyptus Community Cloud as a testbed for your cloud recipe.   Results announcing the winner will be posted to the Recipes, Images, and Eucalyptus Open Community mailing lists (for more information concerning the mailing lists, please visit the Eucalyptus Mailing Lists page).

Look forward to seeing the recipes.  Remember, its all about creativity, deployment speed, and failure resiliency.  Please send all questions, suggestions, additional ideas to the Recipes Mailing list.

Good luck!  Let the Challenge begin!

Eucalyptus Recipe of the Month Challenge

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